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NewPoetryCollective: Cliches Rebuffed

The stressed pigs ate the farmer, the cows got mad while the surprised, hormone-laden chickens gazed on.

The guitar string tore, the drumstick snapped and the trumpet valve suddenly got stuck.

The polished gun misfired, the knife blade broke and the poison-tipped dart proved to be nonlethal.

The third-row high-school student un-mixed the message, went on to unravel the mystery, declined to be dealt a hand and simply switched off the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

There were no more shots into the dark, grey on gray turned into a heartwarming true blue as the young man, pushed secondhand thoughts aside and readily took a bold leap, beyond habitual faith.

Poem © 2012 by Glenn Brigaldino

Glenn Brigaldino is an independent political analyst living above the 49th parallel. He was a contributor to the 2002-2005 Newtopia Magazine venture and remains loosely affiliated with the new project.

In the early 1980s he was an active member in the German Green party, until it became absorbed in the political mainstream. As a specialist in international cooperation, he has worked for aid and relief organizations in Africa, Europe and elsewhere.


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