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Navigating the Grand Cardinal Cross: Daily Astrological Observations from May 15 to May 31

IMG_1230Yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio and the ongoing Grand Cardinal Cross lend extra intensity to each day’s aspects, but as Jupiter begins to move out of orb the Grand Cardinal Cross becomes a stressful T-square aspect with Mars stationary retrograde holding its square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus for much longer than the usual transit. Jupiter’s positive presence added a warmer note during the Grand Cardinal Cross but now it’s all Pluto-Uranus-Mars. Explosive situations that have been simmering for the last few weeks may now reach crisis both personally and in world affairs. Mars will not move out of orb until the third week of June so the atmosphere remains volatile for the next four weeks. Be careful, many will be more accident-prone. Be more sensitive to what’s happening around you so you can avoid unnecessary angry outbursts. Jupiter trine Saturn emphasizes balanced idealism and realism. Get a better perspective on your life so far and the direction you’re headed. Take your time. Cultivate calm. Find the eye of the storm and walk unharmed. Not a good time to try to force your way or to give ultimatums. All this action is about getting rid of what doesn’t work anymore and jump starting your next mission in life, or if you’re already on track, hold on, things are about to get more exciting. (All times are Pacific).

IMG_1419MAY 15

The morning can be a little weary and confused with moon square Neptune, but moon sextile Mars energizes the afternoon and moon trine Uranus makes this a potentially magical evening since Mercury sextiles Venus today, then Mercury sextiles Uranus just before Venus conjunct Uranus, soon followed just after midnight by moon trine Venus. But communicate with care since moon opposing Mercury shortly after can create alienating snags. New romances could happen today or in the next couple of days, breakthroughs in art are very possible, communicate to harmonize, try something new that brings beauty into your life, give in to an unexpected pleasure, and receive real insight about yourself and where and how you belong in the world. Reach out to get the help you need from a surprising source, welcome serendipity. Don’t lose all this in the stress of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

MAY 16

All the action happened just after midnight but Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus conjunct Uranus are all strong influences today so make the most of these positive aspects. Seek love, beauty, and art; find inspiration, make harmony in your world. One warning: Mars is slowing down to become stationary direct on May 19. Don’t be too forceful; watch out for irritability over the next several days.

MAY 17

Moon sextile Neptune in the early afternoon can provide inspiration or daydreams but moon square Mars in the later afternoon can cause bickering. In the late evening moon conjunction Pluto can take that moment of bickering and turn it into a more aggressive, destructive experience so continue to look for ways to use the Venus conjunct Uranus and Mercury sextiles to Venus and Uranus to bring beauty, love and harmony to your life. Tomorrow’s Venus square Jupiter might tempt you to overdo, overeat or overspend but try to use the good energy for more meaningful goals. With both Jupiter and Uranus aspecting Venus now art, beauty, romance can liberate and rejuvenate.


MAY 18

Moon square Uranus just before 2 AM suggests if you’re going to be out partying be more careful than usual as accidents are possible, especially if today’s Venus square Jupiter seduces you into overdoing it. Moon square Venus then Jupiter in the early morning can cause restlessness and irritability with tomorrows Mars stationary direct but mid morning moon sextile Saturn is a stabilizing influence. Mercury’s sextile to the Uranus Venus conjunction is still influencing us but not for long so try to be extra sensitive to liberating and harmonizing communications, and make extra time for art and romance.

MAY 19

Moon trine Mars in the early evening just before Mars stationary retrograde makes this a key moment in the ongoing Grand Cardinal Cross. Tensions that have been simmering since early April may explode now. If you’re on the right track you can use this energy to work hard. If you’re fighting against the grain this may be a frustrating time. Beware anger and avoid violence.

MAY 20

The sun enters Gemini this evening, emphasizing communication and information gathering. Moon sextile Uranus in the wee hours dazzles early risers but moon square Saturn in the late morning can bring frustrating obstacles and delays or a moment of melancholy. But moon sextile Venus then Mercury in the afternoon lift the atmosphere. Venus conjunct Uranus is fading but still in orb so look for those traces of beauty, romance, art, harmony and give them time and attention.


MAY 21

Moon square Sun in the early morning and moon conjunct Neptune in the early evening will probably be ignored in the ongoing tension of the Grand Cardinal Cross as Mars was stationary only two days ago. But the Jupiter trine Saturn of May 24 is almost exact. Put this aspect to the best possible use. Know what success means to you, how you want to prosper in the world and find your mentor. Examine the structure of justice in your life. Balance optimism and realism to find a practical way forward. A great time to study philosophy and to meditate, to organize your finances and business and to seek a balanced overview of the timeline of your life. But keep in mind the dead of the moon, in Pisces, begins today, so get some rest.

MAY 22

Moon sextile Pluto around 4 AM can bring a meaningful dream. Moon sextile Jupiter then Saturn steady the afternoon but moon square Mercury can confuse communications around midnight. If you can make time in the afternoon to contemplate your life from the viewpoint of the upcoming Jupiter trine Saturn you might find valuable insights.

MAY 23

The moon enters Aries in the early morning but the moon is still in its fourth quarter so while you may feel more energy, don’t rush ahead, this is a time for extra rest. Continue to focus on tomorrow’s Jupiter trine Saturn. Let your plans develop naturally. Don’t rush into action. No what you need and how and whom to ask for it.

MAY 24

Moon opposes Mars around 1AM causing potential irritability. A fight that starts then is liable to continue in the morning with moon square Pluto. Don’t waste today’s Jupiter trine Saturn on bickering. You should be learning and planning. Moon conjunct around noon might bring you a surprise or simply an urge to do something unexpected. Be careful. While today is the last day of the Grand Cardinal Cross, as Jupiter moves out of orb, the T-Square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto continues, so simple bickering, for example, can develop into a very serious conflict. Practice calm and awareness. Don’t try to force anything.

MAY 25

Moon conjunct Venus then sextile Mercury brings a pleasant morning if you can be sensitive to the nuances and not get caught up in the ongoing stress. We’re still in the dead of the moon so take it easy. Don’t push forward. Continue refining your perspective as you consider how to be where you want to be when you want to be.

MAY 26

Memorial Day begins with an early morning moon sextile Neptune, ideal for a morning meditation, or for insights from dreams. Moon sextile Pluto in the afternoon can make emotions surprisingly intense but in a good way. We’re still in the dead of the moon and around midnight moon-opposing Saturn warns of the consequences of overdoing it. Get some extra rest instead. Mercury is about to sextile Venus adding delightful energy to communication, art and music, but Sun is about to square Neptune, potentially causing confusion. Don’t overdo intoxicants.


MAY 27

Moon sextile Jupiter in the wee hours suggest if you make it past midnight’s moon opposition Saturn the evening may turn out to be more fun than expected, but don’t give into the temptation to overdo as tomorrows’ Sun square Neptune can be debilitating, especially with Neptune already slowing down on its way to a stationary retrograde on June 9. If you take any kind of medication, recreational or prescribed, go easy, you may be more sensitive than usual. If you’re exhausted today keep in mind that the new moon isn’t until tomorrow.

MAY 28

Mercury sextile Venus can bring delightful conversations, enlightening art or reading, subtle serendipity. The new moon in Gemini further emphasizes communication. But moon square Neptune around noon with Sun square Neptune later in the afternoon can cause serious confusion. Moon trine Mars in the afternoon adds energy to emotion; so don’t go off on a tangent that turns out to be a misunderstanding. Venus enters sensual Taurus in the early evening. Enjoy some food and romance to celebrate.


MAY 29

Mercury enters Cancer in the wee hours emphasizing the lunar side of life including imagination. The practical can organize home and home life. Creative people will find the words or images may not flow as quickly with Mercury leaving Gemini but the intensity of fantasy can bring extra depth to your work and your life. The approaching Sun trine Mars can give you extra energy or irritation. Don’t try to force your way through anything. If you pay attention you’ll find the way to use that energy without having to force it.

MAY 30

Moon conjunct Mercury can make this a busy morning. Moon sextile Venus in the late morning can add a pleasant harmony to the day if you look for it. But the continuing T square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto can cause stress that will make you miss these subtle moments. The Jupiter Saturn trine is still almost exact so continue to seek your path by balancing optimism and realism. Dare to dream and to plan.

MAY 31

Sun trine Mars just after midnight makes this a potentially exciting night. But moon square Mars in the wee hours can cause conflicts and with moon opposing Pluto around 9AM and then squaring Uranus all afternoon the fighting can escalate. But moon trine Saturn in the early evening settles things down and moon conjunct Jupiter before midnight can bring back the good feelings. So spend the morning and afternoon focusing on what needs to be reformed or liberated in your emotional life, not on bickering. Take care of repairs and disruptions during the day anticipating a fun Saturday night.

photographs courtesy of Tamra Spivey

Written by Ronnie Pontiac

Newtopia staff writer RONNIE PONTIAC is a founding member and primary guitarist of Lucid Nation, executive producer of the documentaries Rap is War, Exile Nation, and the award winning animated short Cohen on the Bridge.  He associate produced The Gits documentary, and was art editor, then poet in residence for Newtopia Magazine in its former incarnation . He’s a published author of works on obscure topics such as ancient Greek religion and the history of alchemy. Follow him on Twitter @AmerMysteries.


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