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Calling Orwell, Now More Than Ever

(c) 2014 by Glenn Brigaldino Thirty-three years ago while traveling across parts of Canada, I spent a few muggy summer days in Winnipeg, a city that struck me as being a down and out place. It was coincidence that in a downtown book-store I came across an 840 page collection of George Orwell (1903-1950) writings. … Continue reading

China’s Women Behind the World

China’s Women Behind the World Like peasants in medieval Europe, the “superstitious” villagers of ancient China believed that everything was alive. To them, the streams, forests, mountains, or shorelines seemed enchanted like the landscapes of ancient Japan. In the days of humanity’s childhood, the world seemed vibrant with spirits of majestic power and beauty, be … Continue reading

Love Letters: Flight Instructor

photo by Kimberly Nichols You were the first person I met in Venice Beach, when in 2011, fresh from Burning Man, I arrived in my silver car dappled with paint stains to unpack my entire life boiled down to three boxes within a tiny bungalow across the street from the sea. I should have known … Continue reading

A Poet’s Progress: Sera Monastery and Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet

Potala Palace from Pilgrim’s End, atop Jokhang Temple A Tibetan Creation Myth On a bus into the mountains above Lhasa to visit the Buddhist Sera Monastery, I asked Tendzin if he was taught any creation myths as a child. Tendzin said when he was a boy living on a farm in the mountains—37 years ago—he … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Nitebob Returns

Nitebob’s coat of arms? It’s been a year since Newtopia’s interview with Nitebob. I’ve interviewed a presidential candidate and former governor, famous filmmakers, the great John Trudell, and who’s more well known than Marianne Williamson? But Nitebob is by far the most popular interview I’ve ever done. Bob is out on tour with Steely Dan … Continue reading

Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 3: The Far East and Unanswered Questions

Communication with the dead is known in every culture throughout history. But in America in the spring of 1848 in the cabin of the Fox Sisters something happened that captured the imaginations of human beings all over the world, unleashing a wave of experimentation, and fraud. So much fraud that we can’t help but wonder … Continue reading

Cinemashrink: United States of Amnesia, 2014

United States of Amnesia, 2014 Written and Directed By Nicholas Wrathall Producers: Nicholas Wrathall, Theodore James and Burr Steers (Gore Vidal’s nephew) Stars: Gore Vidal, Jay Parini (noted writer and biographer of Gore Vidal) “We are the United States of amnesia, we learn nothing because we remember nothing.” The title of the documentary is of … Continue reading

Kitchen Witch: Ass Kickin Astragalus

Six years ago I found myself overweight, overworked and dealing with serious adrenal gland exhaustion, which left me tired and empty by mid afternoon daily. I made an executive decision to change my life and started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic philosophy. One of the most fascinating things I learned was that ancient Chinese … Continue reading

A Poet’s Progress: Lhasa, Tibet

Mountains and Sky above Lhasa, Tibet Title: Lhasa, Tibet I was a Snake, slipping out from under a sleeping woman who smelled of lavender and smoke and coconut. She was tiny and I felt as large as a walrus beside her, both taking up too much space and not having enough room to get comfortable … Continue reading

The Female Heroes of Tibetan Buddhism

As in India and China, traditional Buddhism in Tibet was a heavily patriarchal religion that included a host of goddesses. Female seekers of enlightenment operated under social handicaps. As the Tibetan princess Trompa Gyen reportedly complained to her guru, Our minds seek virtue in the dharma, but girls are not free to follow it. Rather … Continue reading