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Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 3: The Far East and Unanswered Questions

Communication with the dead is known in every culture throughout history. But in America in the spring of 1848 in the cabin of the Fox Sisters something happened that captured the imaginations of human beings all over the world, unleashing a wave of experimentation, and fraud. So much fraud that we can’t help but wonder … Continue reading

Navigating the Grand Cardinal Cross: Daily Astrological Observations from May 15 to May 31

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio and the ongoing Grand Cardinal Cross lend extra intensity to each day’s aspects, but as Jupiter begins to move out of orb the Grand Cardinal Cross becomes a stressful T-square aspect with Mars stationary retrograde holding its square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus for much longer than the usual … Continue reading

Cosmos, Science, Surrealism and the Hermetic Imaginary: An Interview with Leon Marvell

Watching the new TV series Cosmos I was delighted to see so much attention given to Giordano Bruno.  But Hermetic and Platonic traditions that influenced his thought were as usual, ignored.  The currently official history of science tells us that while astrology and astronomy, and alchemy and chemistry grew up together in the 17th century … Continue reading

Esoteric Architecture of Washington, D.C.

Long before Dan Brown’s enigmatic bestseller The Lost Symbol popularized the idea that Masonic emblems reveal a conspiracy involving the history and design of Washington, D.C., generations of writers have speculated on the subject. Various Christian authors have developed an extensive mythology around the idea that a satanic pentagram marks the original D.C. city plan. … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Suzanne Clores and The Extraordinary Project

Extraordinary experiences, we all have them, yet we’re bombarded daily with catastrophe and trauma, as if nothing extraordinary ever happens on planet Earth.  Why do we have this blind spot?  Why haven’t we studied the human experience of the extraordinary? What is synchronicity?  When I was a zine writer I delighted in the way when … Continue reading

Mysteries of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

Sexuality defines spirituality and visa versa, from the celibacy of Catholic priests and the strict rules of evangelical Christian marriages to transgressive tantric intercourse deliberately breaking taboos, human beings have struggled in vain to find a dependable universal formula for balancing sex and religion.  The men and women of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a … Continue reading

The Queen of Hearts and the Rosicrucian Dawn

A tragic romance, a lost kingdom, an audacious hoax, the history of Elizabeth Stuart, The Bohemian Spring and The Rosicrucian Enlightenment may sound like a fairy tale but it set forces in motion that still shape our world today. In November 1572 in the constellation Cassiopeia a supernova glowed for sixteen months.  Five years later … Continue reading

The Maestro and the Boy: The Kindness of Manly P. Hall

Mystical philosopher Manly Palmer Hall wasn’t my grandfather, yet he was.  Both my grandfathers had been killed in a war, but fate provided a friend who gave me all the grandfatherly gifts of wisdom and opportunity anyone could hope for.  I was there when this photo was taken in the PRS vault; my girlfriend and … Continue reading

The Intelligencers and the Fifth Moon of Jupiter: Alchemy in the American Colonies

Puritan alchemists founded America; sounds like bad fiction but it’s fact.  As befits a young republic, the history of the earliest origins of American Metaphysical Religion amounts to a long list of extraordinary characters, daring experiments, and unlikely friendships.  We’ll meet alchemists who persecuted witches, alchemists who were governors, and several alchemists who served as … Continue reading

The Unobstructed Way

If life after death is a fact, wouldn’t our favorite activities somehow unconsciously resemble it?  Wouldn’t we symbolize the truth over and over again, remembering but not recognizing that we’re remembering? We love to become motionless consciousness.  Consuming experiences vicariously, like the dead observing the living, we watch movies or TV shows, feeling the tension … Continue reading