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NewArtLab: Alfredo Barsuglia’s Social Pool

Social Pool, 2014, Alfredo Barsuglia, 5 x 4 x 12 feet, Wood, Fiberglass, Resin-Paint, Solar-Filter-Pump, Mojave Desert, CA, Cooperation with MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles I met Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia half a decade ago while working as the Director of Marketing for the Palm Springs Art Museum. A mutual European artist … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Steven Wolkoff’s Homage to the California Poppy

westways magazine, (find the poppy), acrylic on canvas, Steven Wolkoff I first encountered artist Steven Wolkoff and his wonderful word paintings with his piece “the names of all my Facebook friends” in which he wrote all the names of his Facebook friends in three-dimensional blue squiggles. Due to the nature of the way he piles … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Karen Lofgren’s Trajectory Object at High Desert Test Sites

It’s a warm Southern California Saturday and my boyfriend and I are immersed in a canyon wedged into a mountain near our home for our annual weekend hike when I bring up Karen Lofgren’s Trajectory Object. As he walks ahead of me, navigating our way up a steep hill lined with beige brush and crinkling … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Barry Fishman’s I Ching Paintings

Lesser Yang Barry Fishman is an architect, painter and poet who received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Today, he lives, works and teaches T’ai chi ch’uan in New York City. He has studied Eastern philosophy and practiced meditation for many years. His “I Ching Paintings: Yin Yang and the Ten Thousand Things” … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Collaborating with Yoko Ono

As a young artist I was first inspired to call myself “conceptual” by learning about the work of Yoko Ono. What specifically struck me about her pieces was the fact that she loved to engage the viewer on more than a visual level by inviting them in. My favorite piece of hers was the Telephone … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Ayad Alkadhi

from the In Vitro series by Ayad Alkadhi In the very early 2000s while I was struggling with my own identity as an artist I met a man who deeply touched my soul. My struggles were based on the fact that most of my work up until that point had been directly autobiographical – a … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Gaye Lub’s American History 2000-2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Gaye Lub in 2010 when I was invited to travel with the Lub clan to Burning Man for my first time. As matriarch of the incredibly talented family, Gaye welcomed me, a complete stranger only familiar with her daughter Sonia, with flowing golden hair and open arms into their … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Penelope Gottlieb’s Portraits of Extinction

I became enthralled with the work of Penelope Gottlieb three years ago when encountering her bold, colorful paintings of extinct flowers. On large canvases, bright and lush explosions of intricately detailed flowers, leaves and other plants seemed simultaneously suspended in space while moving in a sense of urgency. On closer inspection other items emerged from … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Catharsis

Introduction: In 2011, filmmaker Adam Haynes and I set out to collaborate on a short piece surrounding the concept of intense human experience. I was given eight words and told to expound upon them from my memory bank and to write freely without editing or fear of critique. In the end, I realized that each … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Painter Adam Rodriguez

During this past month, a lot of people in my life have been talking about art: what is it and what makes an artist an artist? For whatever reason, this dialogue has been pushing my buttons because I don’t think it’s something that can be quantified so generically or that is borne so much from … Continue reading