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Mongrel Patriot Review: Nitebob Returns

Nitebob’s coat of arms? It’s been a year since Newtopia’s interview with Nitebob. I’ve interviewed a presidential candidate and former governor, famous filmmakers, the great John Trudell, and who’s more well known than Marianne Williamson? But Nitebob is by far the most popular interview I’ve ever done. Bob is out on tour with Steely Dan … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Musician and Writer Art Johnson

Judging by his work with Tim Buckley, Manly P. Hall, Robert Altman, Lena Horne, this cool cat, sideman to legends, is to the best of my knowledge the original Silverlake hipster. Art Johnson started living there in the early 70’s. His monastic cell featured fabulous musical instruments and a lean but weighty collection of old … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Beehive Design Collective

What happened to all those WTO protestors in Seattle? Where did the Occupy people go? Did they all just give up, conform, cocoon? The truth is many decided to take on the challenge of how to create a more just society by examining and adjusting every aspect of their lives. To my mind it’s hard … Continue reading

Why “Rock is Dead” is Dead

Rock has long outlived its allotted lifespan, you say?  How can today’s risk free rock bands compare to Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock during the Vietnam War?  They say the very sound of his distorted guitar was pure culture shock back then! Rock evolved from Elvis with his greaser hair and swivel … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Isis Aquarian

Seemingly patriarchal religious leaders, especially ones who practiced polygamy, hung around with underage girls, and apparently lived by the slogan “no fat chicks,” are not the sort of things to thrill my punk feminist sensibilities.  But as I read through the fascinating and beautifully illustrated book Process Media released about The Source, and as I … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

If you’ve heard of Patricia Kennealy Morrison chances are you see her as one of several well-defined stereotypes. For most, she is Jim Morrison’s highly controversial pagan bride. Her supporters consider her his soul mate, an exemplary witch of the Celtic tradition, and a feminist spiritual warrior. Her haters call her a liar, or simply … Continue reading

ARCHIVES: Musicians Who Paint-The Art of Tamra Spivey

(This article by Kevin Charles was published originally in the Feb./Mar. 2004 issue of Newtopia Magazine.) Tamra Spivey could whistle melodies before she could talk; it’s surprising that her family never guessed she might be a musician. Nor did they draw the obvious conclusion from her habit of filling huge reams of butcher paper with … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Tracy Soo-Ming of Fan Death Records

Sometimes cultures overshoot the mark.  They assume certain technologies, or subcultures, or beliefs are dead.  But when those technologies, subcultures, or beliefs still hold vital importance for people what you might call pioneers in reverse emerge to satisfy the demand, revitalize the community, and colonize the ruins, like the homesteaders eagerly reinventing Detroit. The music … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Jean Smith

Fiercely independent, consistently evolving creatively, always challenging assumptions, hers and our own, it’s no exaggeration to say Jean Smith has influenced generations of musicians with her band with David Lester, literary rock duo Mecca Normal.  Still going strong, Mecca Normal began in Vancouver, B.C. in 1984.  Jean had a zine called Smarten Up! They played … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Suzanne Clores and The Extraordinary Project

Extraordinary experiences, we all have them, yet we’re bombarded daily with catastrophe and trauma, as if nothing extraordinary ever happens on planet Earth.  Why do we have this blind spot?  Why haven’t we studied the human experience of the extraordinary? What is synchronicity?  When I was a zine writer I delighted in the way when … Continue reading