Kimberly Nichols

MeProfileTreeSmallNewtopia Editor Kimberly Nichols is an artist, writer, social anthropologist and healer living in Los Angeles, California. Her conceptual works, literary fiction and creative nonfiction have been exhibited and published internationally. She is the author of the critically acclaimed collection of short stories Mad Anatomy (Del Sol Press, 2005) and is currently working on her second book. She is the owner of Tapping the Inner Palette, a company which utilizes the intuitive, spiritual, creative and healing arts to help people rediscover the inherent voice within as well as bring their authentic selves to fruition. She can be reached at Kimberly@newtopiamagazine.org.

Another Maynard Sings on Account of J.D. Salinger
Letter from the Editor: Paying Attention to Things That Really Matter

Nikki Streiffler: Igniting the Feminine Soul Force
Letter from the Editor: De-Kinking the Flow
Participlay: Innovation in Interaction

The Mankind Project: Redefining Masculinity for the 21st Century
Chakwave’s Jacquelyn Richey: Creating Custom Chakra System Fuel
Tools of Transformation: A Hole in the Road
Tools of Transformation: Cleaning Your Side of the Street
The Beats Today: Interview with Author and Filmmaker Tillman Otto Wagner
Editor’s Letter : October 2011 Active Participation and Transformational Action

Conversations with Strangers #1: Ryan Greendyk of LightLab

Kitchen Witch: Ass Kickin Astragalus
Kitchen Witch: The Devious Dandelion
Kitchen Witch: Reviving the Still Room Tradition

Love Letters: Flight Instructor

NewPoetryCollective: Todd Colby and Kimberly Nichols
NewPoetryCollective: On the Glee Farm with Poet Todd Colby

NewArtLab: Alfredo Barsuglia’s Social Pool
NewArtLab: Steven Wolkoff Pays Homage to the California Poppy
NewArtLab: Karen Lofgren’s Trajectory Object at High Desert Test Sites
NewArtLab: Barry Fishman’s I-Ching Paintings
NewArtLab: Collaborating with Yoko Ono
NewArtLab: Ayad Alkadhi
NewArtLab: Gaye Lub and Her American History 2000-2012
NewArtLab: Penelope Gottlieb’s Portraits of Extinction
NewArtLab: Catharsis
NewArtLab: Painter Adam Rodriguez

NewArtLab: Life as Medicine, The Paintings of Jaret Johnston
NewArtLab: Brainwashed
NewArtLab: Sculptor Gesso Cocteau and Her Original Mother
NewArtLab: Painter Noah Haytin’s Cross Cultural Connotations
NewArtLab: Hans “Biwi” Lechner’s Global Social Projects




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