American Metaphysical Religion

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When First They Met: Red Plus White Equals Blue

Did you ever hear the story of how your parents met?  We pretend America began with the Pilgrims but our unclaimed spiritual heritage starts much earlier.  According to the current consensus, twelve thousand years before European colonists landed, Paleolithic tribes arrived having hunted mammoths, mastodons, and caribou from generation to generation across a continent. They … Continue reading

Thomas Harriot: A Rational Mind in an Irrational World or One Man’s Genius is Another Man’s Devil

He arrives at the end of the Renaissance with a mind so modern he was more suited for Silicon Valley than Elizabethan London.  Thomas Harriot was the first to assemble and use a telescope in England.  Months before Galileo, he was the first human being to accurately map the surface of the moon.  He was … Continue reading

Is America Evolving a New Religion?

The All Seeing Eye caps the American pyramid. When most people think of American religion we think of evangelicals preaching to huge stadiums, or Protestant ministers in neighborhood churches, or choirs in southern Baptist congregations.  Most Americans believe America is a Christian country, founded by Christians. But a new vision of American history has been … Continue reading