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Calling Orwell, Now More Than Ever

(c) 2014 by Glenn Brigaldino Thirty-three years ago while traveling across parts of Canada, I spent a few muggy summer days in Winnipeg, a city that struck me as being a down and out place. It was coincidence that in a downtown book-store I came across an 840 page collection of George Orwell (1903-1950) writings. … Continue reading

Unequal Springtime

Here we are, its early spring 2014 and a harsh winter is now behind us. A good time for a reality check on how inequality is doing. Yes, just as springtime progresses unequally, growing numbers of people will find themselves choking and short of breath ahead of the monthly bills and payment deadlines while the … Continue reading

Doggie in the Window

First of all, I can readily state that I have never owned a dog. It is sometimes said there are ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people’, but personally I have never had a cat either. As a kid, we did have cats but those were ‘our’ cats and when I left my childhood home after high … Continue reading

Failed Escapes From the Red Sea

Valetta, Malta, harbor entrance, July 2013, © G. Brigaldino Asmara is the capital city of the north-eastern African country of Eritrea. After some thirty years of war with Ethiopia, in 1991 it became an independent state. At the same time Ethiopia turned into a land-locked country as only Eritrea has access to the Red Sea. … Continue reading

We Are the Experts and the Economy Belongs to the Working Class

A cross-Atlantic, online ‘Armchair’ conversation with Professor John Weeks. John Weeks (JW) is professor emeritus at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, U.K.  As a critical economist and commentator, he has widely explored and analyzed the inner workings of a capitalist system running amok with the lives of the working class – … Continue reading

Crumbs of Capitalism For You and Me

  Our ruling class steers us into disaster after disaster, cheering for ruinous wars… But accountability, it seems, is something that applies only to people at the bottom…. – Thomas Frank, Easy Chair, in Harper’s, August 2012 The platitudes are not new. Only nowadays, they ring more hollow than ever before: ‘We are living above … Continue reading

NewPoetryCollective: Cliches Rebuffed

The stressed pigs ate the farmer, the cows got mad while the surprised, hormone-laden chickens gazed on. The guitar string tore, the drumstick snapped and the trumpet valve suddenly got stuck. The polished gun misfired, the knife blade broke and the poison-tipped dart proved to be nonlethal. The third-row high-school student un-mixed the message, went … Continue reading

NewPoetryCollective: En Route Interruption

En Route Interruption Busloads of middle-aged, half-dozing and cramped-in passengers, on their way to the indistinct downtown office towers where the windows never open and batteries of elevators toil. In the morning, with few exceptions, passengers-turned bureaucrats schlep themselves towards the screens of mass-produced desk tops, awaiting them in pre-assigned cubicles. Once, a graying man … Continue reading

NewPoetryCollective: Post-Social Media Poem

Post-social media poem A nuke went off the profit-generating corporate grid; Only random characters flickering on the 2-inch screen; Text is garbled and sent in undetectable bottles; Blank eyes from a thousand cases who can’t read a book; Unchained from the porous net, no more need to be linked or in; Meaningless messages fail to … Continue reading