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Day Tripper: Teapot in Little Tokyo

… tightly wound from the computer, seeking the solitude within a sea of strangers, struggling with my distrust of humanity while simultaneously trying to crank open an unconditional healer’s heart, I force myself out into the world – solo and searching for connection … Today, I am looking for a teapot. It was approximately one … Continue reading

NewLiteratureLab: Another Maynard Sings on Account of J.D. Salinger

In my twenties I fell for one of my lovers over our mutual lust for J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey, of which we would read snippets to each other on our long distance phone calls. Salinger’s characters seemed to inhabit a world I was deeply attracted to; one in which intelligent, stylish people saw through each … Continue reading

NewPoetryCollective: Todd Colby and Kimberly Nichols

A coast to coast collaboration between two poets throwing ephemeral strings back and forth across middle America. By Kimberly Nichols and Todd Colby. Tender Hook, Slightly Flayed Perhaps the shirt I’ll die in is hanging in my closet, I need to pay attention more. Like to the light, stark white and piercing, sunbeams obstructing my … Continue reading

NewLiteratureLab: Painter of Hearts

Editor’s Note: This piece was published in my early 2000’s collection of short stories Mad Anatomy, a book of literary short stories of which has recently been reissued in both print and Kindle editions. They were destined to be together for just one night. That morning Malena woke up in incredible pain. She was familiar … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Collaborating with Yoko Ono

As a young artist I was first inspired to call myself “conceptual” by learning about the work of Yoko Ono. What specifically struck me about her pieces was the fact that she loved to engage the viewer on more than a visual level by inviting them in. My favorite piece of hers was the Telephone … Continue reading

On the Glee Farm with Poet Todd Colby

In the early 2000s the Internet experienced an explosion of literature as writers and poets started to ferment in the virtual pages of a blooming scene of serious online literary magazines. An arena that had traditionally been married to print was now burgeoning on a richly, populated scale connecting authors and readers in exciting new … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Ayad Alkadhi

from the In Vitro series by Ayad Alkadhi In the very early 2000s while I was struggling with my own identity as an artist I met a man who deeply touched my soul. My struggles were based on the fact that most of my work up until that point had been directly autobiographical – a … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Gaye Lub’s American History 2000-2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Gaye Lub in 2010 when I was invited to travel with the Lub clan to Burning Man for my first time. As matriarch of the incredibly talented family, Gaye welcomed me, a complete stranger only familiar with her daughter Sonia, with flowing golden hair and open arms into their … Continue reading

Letter from the Editor: De-Kinking the Flow

For as long as I have had my current laptop there is a start up program that has launched every morning when I turn it on called “My Day.” Every day for the past four years, I will watch it load and I will have to go to the file menu at the top of … Continue reading

Participlay: Innovation in Interaction

Participlayers at UCLA Sculpture Garden, courtesy of Franklin Londin Recently on a typical evening at 6 p.m. on the busy Third Street Promenade in downtown Santa Monica, a band of mostly women and one gentleman, dressed elegantly casual, in bold, vibrant colors (some even in tiaras) gathered to strut, stroll, and dance seemingly out of … Continue reading