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NewArtLab: Penelope Gottlieb’s Portraits of Extinction

I became enthralled with the work of Penelope Gottlieb three years ago when encountering her bold, colorful paintings of extinct flowers. On large canvases, bright and lush explosions of intricately detailed flowers, leaves and other plants seemed simultaneously suspended in space while moving in a sense of urgency. On closer inspection other items emerged from … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Catharsis

Introduction: In 2011, filmmaker Adam Haynes and I set out to collaborate on a short piece surrounding the concept of intense human experience. I was given eight words and told to expound upon them from my memory bank and to write freely without editing or fear of critique. In the end, I realized that each … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Painter Adam Rodriguez

During this past month, a lot of people in my life have been talking about art: what is it and what makes an artist an artist? For whatever reason, this dialogue has been pushing my buttons because I don’t think it’s something that can be quantified so generically or that is borne so much from … Continue reading

The Searchers*

*With apologies to John Ford and John Wayne who made the 1956 movie of the same name about a searcher who had trouble accepting what he eventually found. Abundance of Life by Elaine Waller Alghani You know it’s going to be a long trip when you’re traveling outside your comfort zone, and that’s exactly where … Continue reading

The ManKind Project: Redefining Masculinity for the 21st Century

A few years ago, one of my oldest and dearest friends called me up to tell me his life had been changed and he wanted to let me know that he was sorry for all the things he had done in our friendship that were less than par with what I deserved. He told me … Continue reading

Chakwave’s Jacquelyn Richey: Creating Custom Fuel for the Chakra System

In the past decade, the concept that everyone of us not only has a physical and mental body but also an energetic one has become quite an addition to the way we think about our overall health. According to popular movies such as What the Bleep Do We Know? and books like this past year’s … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation: The Hole in the Road

Editor’s Note: I will be stepping in this month to guest write Thomas Goforth’s Tools of Transformation column as he takes a two month hiatus to move his practice. Some of us, at some point in our lives, decide to embark on the meaningful path of healing and transformation. Whether it is because we are … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Brainwashed

Over the past few years, I have slowly become a bit disillusioned with the art world. Instead of a place celebrating creativity and the fresh bursts of inspiration that all art should joyously derive from, I have had to balance being a conceptual artist working on my own career with making a living over the … Continue reading

The Beats Today: Interview with Author and Filmmaker Tilman Otto Wagner

I first met filmmaker, author and activist Tilman Otto Wagner while visiting Vienna, Austria last year. An hour at the Unicorn Bar and many high-class German beers later, I discovered that he shared my love of the Beats and their spirit of life. Although relegated to the annals of historical genre, the Beats are still … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Interview with Sculptor Gesso Cocteau on her Original Mother

The American sculptor Gesso Cocteau has just unveiled work from a new series called Original Mother that mirrors a crucial time in humanity and reflects upon our universal commonalities. Original Mother represents the initial seed of all humanity that, when coupled with our myriad lineages across eons of social, political and chronological history, takes us … Continue reading