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Mongrel Patriot Review: Musician and Writer Art Johnson

Judging by his work with Tim Buckley, Manly P. Hall, Robert Altman, Lena Horne, this cool cat, sideman to legends, is to the best of my knowledge the original Silverlake hipster. Art Johnson started living there in the early 70’s. His monastic cell featured fabulous musical instruments and a lean but weighty collection of old … Continue reading

Aspire to Greatness: Searching for Truth and Meaning

    “I also came from a pretty tough upbringing, and I have finally begun to find myself now in college. So I guess what I really want to ask is… what advice could you give to a 22 year old aspiring for greatness and in search for truth and meaning?”  Daniel Daniel, These notes I’ve … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Isis Aquarian

Seemingly patriarchal religious leaders, especially ones who practiced polygamy, hung around with underage girls, and apparently lived by the slogan “no fat chicks,” are not the sort of things to thrill my punk feminist sensibilities.  But as I read through the fascinating and beautifully illustrated book Process Media released about The Source, and as I … Continue reading

Esoteric Architecture of Washington, D.C.

Long before Dan Brown’s enigmatic bestseller The Lost Symbol popularized the idea that Masonic emblems reveal a conspiracy involving the history and design of Washington, D.C., generations of writers have speculated on the subject. Various Christian authors have developed an extensive mythology around the idea that a satanic pentagram marks the original D.C. city plan. … Continue reading

A Father’s Day Ghost Story

Some experiences with ghosts happen by daylight.  Such communication can be so subtle a single word can carry great meaning.  Or was it all a most improbable coincidence? When I was in sixth grade, a solo runt raised by paranoid immigrants and beat up by classroom bullies, my writing was so good that on parent’s … Continue reading

The Maestro and the Boy: The Kindness of Manly P. Hall

Mystical philosopher Manly Palmer Hall wasn’t my grandfather, yet he was.  Both my grandfathers had been killed in a war, but fate provided a friend who gave me all the grandfatherly gifts of wisdom and opportunity anyone could hope for.  I was there when this photo was taken in the PRS vault; my girlfriend and … Continue reading