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Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 2: More Occult Wonders; The Great Earthquake

    Part travel log, part guide to colonial spiritualists, part almanac and eye witness account of history, readers in 1908 must have found shockingly exotic Willy Reichel’s book An Occultist’s Travels, with its combination of beautiful scenery, gold mines, the ruins of San Francisco, and dead friends materializing and speaking obscure dialects. Willy seemed … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #28: The Healing Power of Psychotherapy-Entering Therapy

Amy Becker (copyright 2011) In my first chapter on the experience of beginning to walk the healing path of psychotherapy, I identified that learning to tell our own story, finding our voice, and beginning to unpack our life experience in the presence of another person, who is trained to listen well, were powerful initial healing … Continue reading

Kitchen Witch: The Devious Dandelion

 Dandelion, rosemary and chive flower tea Every Monday I perform a morning ritual dedicated to renewal and rejuvenation for the week. I wake early and go out into my backyard garden to weed the dandelions for my boyfriend who will follow soon after to irrigate the burgeoning produce he so meticulously grows for our meals. … Continue reading

The Wars Around Me

I live in a big city condominium with security guards, where no pets are allowed except for fish or birds. So I’ve settled for keeping two goldfish, both of them named “Freddie.” One of our neighbors lets her parakeets fly around her apartment despite the danger of bird droppings. That pretty well sums up the … Continue reading

NewArtLab: Steven Wolkoff’s Homage to the California Poppy

westways magazine, (find the poppy), acrylic on canvas, Steven Wolkoff I first encountered artist Steven Wolkoff and his wonderful word paintings with his piece “the names of all my Facebook friends” in which he wrote all the names of his Facebook friends in three-dimensional blue squiggles. Due to the nature of the way he piles … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Beehive Design Collective

What happened to all those WTO protestors in Seattle? Where did the Occupy people go? Did they all just give up, conform, cocoon? The truth is many decided to take on the challenge of how to create a more just society by examining and adjusting every aspect of their lives. To my mind it’s hard … Continue reading

Conversations with Strangers #1: Ryan Greendyk of Lightlab

  Conversations with Strangers is a column with a simple premise. I reach out to those people I admire, who are doing things in this world that contribute their unique gifts in life affirming ways to our universal human community. There are no pre-conceptualized questions and answers as with a traditional interview. The dialogue evolves … Continue reading

Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 1: The Miracles of Mr. Miller

Willy’s world travels weren’t really about exploring the beauties of nature, unless you include among those beauties, the certainty of life after death. Imagine how pristine the sky, the beach and the ocean must have been that summer in the town of Hamilton, in the Bermuda Islands in 1908 when Willy Reichel signed the preface … Continue reading

Navigating the Grand Cardinal Cross: Daily Astrological Observations from May 15 to May 31

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio and the ongoing Grand Cardinal Cross lend extra intensity to each day’s aspects, but as Jupiter begins to move out of orb the Grand Cardinal Cross becomes a stressful T-square aspect with Mars stationary retrograde holding its square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus for much longer than the usual … Continue reading

Cinemashrink: Jodorowsky’s Dune, 2014

  Jodorowsky’s Dune, 2014 Director: Frank Pavich Stars: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Michel Seydoux To see Jodorowsky’s Dune is to enter a magical world of cosmological possibility. Theoretically, the film is a documentary about the making of a famous movie that never got made.  In actuality, it’s a tribute to the human spirit…especially the human spirit at … Continue reading