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Mongrel Patriot Review: Nitebob Returns

Nitebob’s coat of arms? It’s been a year since Newtopia’s interview with Nitebob. I’ve interviewed a presidential candidate and former governor, famous filmmakers, the great John Trudell, and who’s more well known than Marianne Williamson? But Nitebob is by far the most popular interview I’ve ever done. Bob is out on tour with Steely Dan … Continue reading

Mongrel Patriot Review: Nitebob

Rock music has become something very different from what it originally was.  The caricature of rock created by the media is about dumb, over-sexed, probably older guys making asses out of themselves for fun and profit.  Their ex-wives star on reality TV shows.  Anybody with a whiff of charisma and strong audience response, whatever their … Continue reading