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Aspire to Greatness: Searching for Truth and Meaning

    “I also came from a pretty tough upbringing, and I have finally begun to find myself now in college. So I guess what I really want to ask is… what advice could you give to a 22 year old aspiring for greatness and in search for truth and meaning?”  Daniel Daniel, These notes I’ve … Continue reading

The Brothers Guthrie: Pagan Christianity of the Early 20th Century

 “Inspiration and Aspiration” by Solon Borglum, in the garden of St. Mark’s of the Bowery, commissioned by William Guthrie Christianity remains the most acceptable, best-known and officially sanctioned religion in America, but American Metaphysical Religion has intersected and in many ways transformed Christian belief and practice. The brothers Guthrie are an excellent example of the … Continue reading