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ARCHIVES: The American Empire and The New Mainstream

(This article by Charles Shaw and Colin Shea was originally published in the July/August 2003 issue of Newtopia Magazine) “In the Third millennium after the birth of Christ one nation bestrode the world like a Colossus: The United States of America. Its culture was the world’s culture, and its armies garrisoned the Earth. It truly … Continue reading

ARCHIVES: Media’s Disinformation and the Nature of the Iraqi Resistance

(This article by Ghali Hassan was first published in the August 2005 issue of Newtopia Magazine) The flurry of news, hypotheses, and disinformation about the nature of the Iraqi Resistance against the Occupation continues unabated. How much of this is managed propaganda against the Iraqi Resistance? According to both the Western mainstream media and the … Continue reading

The Pagan Pilgrim: The Story of America’s First Foreclosure

“I have found the Massachusetts Indian more full of humanity than the Christians…” Thomas Morton We have no confirmed portrait of Tom Morton The Ordinary Beginning of an Extraordinary Man He was the first man banned in Boston.  He was the first American foreclosed on by a company.  He was the first American to publish … Continue reading