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For the Burly Q, It’s Back to the Future: The Re-Emergence of Burlesque in L.A.

Note: Only the stage names of the performers and producers are being used for this article, a long tradition in burlesque. Things were chaotic in the graffiti-covered storeroom at the Three Clubs lounge, and Bootsy Sterling, private eye, was drinking in as much as she could. Standing between cases of beer and piles of bar … Continue reading

A Pagan Holiday

*Boo! It’s Halloween, time for creepy, crawly things and creepy, crazy people to pop out of the underworld and give us a good scare. Do ghosts and goblins frighten you?  Witches on broomsticks?  How about a hoard of cross-dressing, street-walking zombie angels?  I hear whores and superheroes are very popular this year. Worry not your … Continue reading

Unique Weirdness: Experiencing the Lucent Dossier Experience

Editor’s Note: A slightly different version of this piece appeared first in Singular Magazine. Stage lights bathed the three hard, athletic and nearly naked bodies in an electric glow as they posed in a bathtub at the center of the dance floor.  Hundreds of flamboyantly costumed guests pushed in close, but not too close, since … Continue reading

At 50 Years Old, Esalen is Still Big Medicine

The path to the famous hot tubs at Esalen The land under Esalen Institute is full of power and magic, and nowhere on the property do you feel it more directly than in the steaming hot mineral baths.  Sitting in the rock-walled tubs, heated by the power of the earth itself, and with the endless … Continue reading

The Searchers*

*With apologies to John Ford and John Wayne who made the 1956 movie of the same name about a searcher who had trouble accepting what he eventually found. Abundance of Life by Elaine Waller Alghani You know it’s going to be a long trip when you’re traveling outside your comfort zone, and that’s exactly where … Continue reading