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Esoteric Architecture of Washington, D.C.

Long before Dan Brown’s enigmatic bestseller The Lost Symbol popularized the idea that Masonic emblems reveal a conspiracy involving the history and design of Washington, D.C., generations of writers have speculated on the subject. Various Christian authors have developed an extensive mythology around the idea that a satanic pentagram marks the original D.C. city plan. … Continue reading

Sacred Nature, Eros and Environment: Songs of Orpheus Series III – Semele to Number

We begin with the mother of Dionysus scorched by the glory of her divine lover.  Next we hear the tragic story of how humanity came to be.  Followed by a celebration of erotic ecstasy with Aphrodite, Pan, Eros and then as Plotinus suggests we should in his masterpiece “On the Beautiful” we ascend to contemplate … Continue reading

The Sacred Songs of Orpheus Series II: From the Moon to the Seasons

Editor’s Note: Also read Part One of the Sacred Songs of Orpheus. “Clothed all in white, I shun childbirth and coffins alike, and keep myself from eating food that once had life.”  Euripides In the west we are fond of myths about gods shriveling up because we no longer believe in them, as if something … Continue reading

The Sacred Songs of Orpheus

The Orphic Hymns are the grow light for western cultural renaissance.  Wherever the writing and themes of Orphism found their way into the lives of composers, painters, musicians, philosophers, and mystics a flowering of spirituality and the arts followed. The Hymns of Orpheus is a mediocre translation of something much more subtle and rich with … Continue reading

Mysteries of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

Sexuality defines spirituality and visa versa, from the celibacy of Catholic priests and the strict rules of evangelical Christian marriages to transgressive tantric intercourse deliberately breaking taboos, human beings have struggled in vain to find a dependable universal formula for balancing sex and religion.  The men and women of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a … Continue reading

The Queen of Hearts and the Rosicrucian Dawn

A tragic romance, a lost kingdom, an audacious hoax, the history of Elizabeth Stuart, The Bohemian Spring and The Rosicrucian Enlightenment may sound like a fairy tale but it set forces in motion that still shape our world today. In November 1572 in the constellation Cassiopeia a supernova glowed for sixteen months.  Five years later … Continue reading

A Father’s Day Ghost Story

Some experiences with ghosts happen by daylight.  Such communication can be so subtle a single word can carry great meaning.  Or was it all a most improbable coincidence? When I was in sixth grade, a solo runt raised by paranoid immigrants and beat up by classroom bullies, my writing was so good that on parent’s … Continue reading

The Red Harlot of Liberty: The Rise and Fall of Frances Wright

The first female in America to address mixed crowds at a public event, Frances Wright was one of the first American feminists, and female abolitionists, a champion of worker’s rights, and a sharp critic of religious institutions.  Frances was the first American to write eloquently of sexual passion as a wonderful pleasure, not a sinful … Continue reading

The Brothers Guthrie: Pagan Christianity of the Early 20th Century

 “Inspiration and Aspiration” by Solon Borglum, in the garden of St. Mark’s of the Bowery, commissioned by William Guthrie Christianity remains the most acceptable, best-known and officially sanctioned religion in America, but American Metaphysical Religion has intersected and in many ways transformed Christian belief and practice. The brothers Guthrie are an excellent example of the … Continue reading

Thomas Johnson: Platonism Meets Sex Magic on the Prairie

Four time mayor of a Midwestern town, publisher of the American frontier’s only periodical devoted to Plato, Thomas Moore Johnson was also president of the central council of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a mystery school that taught sex magic (though their version of it wasn’t as sexy as you might think).  Voters also elected … Continue reading