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Tools of Transformation #29: The Healing Power of Psychotherapy Chapter 3: Opening the Doors to Our Inner World

(Toby Landesman, Copyright 2014) The experience of being in therapy leads to the awareness that there is more to us human beings than we might think. This first recognition of one’s complex dimensionality can be inspired by a therapist providing a verbal snap shot of how she sees you. This image may take you by … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #28: The Healing Power of Psychotherapy-Entering Therapy

Amy Becker (copyright 2011) In my first chapter on the experience of beginning to walk the healing path of psychotherapy, I identified that learning to tell our own story, finding our voice, and beginning to unpack our life experience in the presence of another person, who is trained to listen well, were powerful initial healing … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #27: The Healing Power of Psychotherapy

(Toby Landesman, Copyright 2008) In the Tools blogs I have written since the re-incarnation of “Newtopia Magazine,” I have been attempting to flesh out ways of approaching ourselves and our experiences that might be helpful and even transformative for us. Almost all of the “Tools” that I have written about have been picked from the … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #26: Musings Midway Through Life on Consciousness

Becoming conscious means changing the rules by which we live and the beliefs we maintain. Our memories and attitudes are literally rules that determine the quality of life as well as the strength of our bonds with others. Always, a shift in awareness includes a period of isolation and loneliness as one gets accustomed to … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #25: The Complexities of Being Human – Identity and Identification

The most dangerous thing in the world is to think you understand something. (Zen saying)                                                                                                                                                Toby Landesman, Copyright 2014 On Wednesday morning,  while I was still in the process of writing this article, the Zen saying above showed up on my page-a-day calendar. It stopped me in my tracks. Here I am , … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #21: Connecting to Your Essence, Finding Your Path, Part One

The Path, Copyright Toby Landesman 2006 In this article I propose to explore the idea that we come into this life with an essential self that will be with us throughout the course of our lives. It is this essence that contains the “DNA,” the map, of the path that we are meant to follow. … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #20: Re-imagining the Lost Art of Practice

Toby Landesman, Copyright 1985Author’s note: This edition of Tools was written with the help of Amy Becker As I began preparing to write this edition of “Tools,” I noticed that I had saved a PBS Program on my DVR: Rene Fleming/Master Class. As I watched Ms. Fleming observe and then guide four young opera singers … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #18: The Master Emotions: Shame, Guilt and Fear

(Copyright Toby Landesman 2013) In the next installments of “Tools of Transformation” I will explore what I believe to be the emotional roots of Anxiety and Depression: Shame, Guilt, and Fear. These three powerful energetic and emotional experiences have been identified by some of our leading psychological researchers, as central to the development of our … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #16: Discovering the I Ching

In this edition of “Tools,” I will introduce you to the Sage, the Guide to spiritual wisdom that can be found in the ancient book known as The I Ching.  For many, this edition of “Tools” will simply be a reminder of this wonderful resource of divination, guidance, and healing. As Brian Browne Walker points … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #15: Embracing Spirit

In this edition of “Tools” I intend to review the elements and aspects of shamanic healing that I have been exploring in the last two issues. In doing so, I hope to clarify and illuminate the wonders of this blueprint of healing in collaboration with what the Shamans refer to simply as “Spirit”. Toby Landesman, … Continue reading