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Tools of Transformation #23: Connecting to Our Essence Part 3 – Nature, Nurture or Both?

                   This Chapter is a prelude to our further exploration of connecting to our essence. I hope to explore some thoughts on the phenomenon of “Nurture” in the discovery of our essence, because our experiences in our family of origin can either enhance or obscure our sense of ourselves. When nurture obscures or blocks us … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #22: Connecting to Your Essence Part Two – The Inestimable Value of Empathy

Toby Landesman, Copyright 2012 In my last installment I began a series addressing the notion that we all have an essential self that is already at the core of our being when we are born. I suggested that there are ways to discover this essence by examining and connecting to what we deeply love, and … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #20: Re-imagining the Lost Art of Practice

Toby Landesman, Copyright 1985Author’s note: This edition of Tools was written with the help of Amy Becker As I began preparing to write this edition of “Tools,” I noticed that I had saved a PBS Program on my DVR: Rene Fleming/Master Class. As I watched Ms. Fleming observe and then guide four young opera singers … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #16: Discovering the I Ching

In this edition of “Tools,” I will introduce you to the Sage, the Guide to spiritual wisdom that can be found in the ancient book known as The I Ching.  For many, this edition of “Tools” will simply be a reminder of this wonderful resource of divination, guidance, and healing. As Brian Browne Walker points … Continue reading