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Tools of Transformation # 24: Connecting to Our Essence Part Four – Two “Saints”

In This Lifetime We are given so very much to learn And we sense we need to learn it well To make our goals, fulfill our dreams And save ourselves from hell Such pressure creates ambition or depression Sunny self-confidence or cringing inhibition It would be nice if it was simply our decision And oh, … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #23: Connecting to Our Essence Part 3 – Nature, Nurture or Both?

                   This Chapter is a prelude to our further exploration of connecting to our essence. I hope to explore some thoughts on the phenomenon of “Nurture” in the discovery of our essence, because our experiences in our family of origin can either enhance or obscure our sense of ourselves. When nurture obscures or blocks us … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #22: Connecting to Your Essence Part Two – The Inestimable Value of Empathy

Toby Landesman, Copyright 2012 In my last installment I began a series addressing the notion that we all have an essential self that is already at the core of our being when we are born. I suggested that there are ways to discover this essence by examining and connecting to what we deeply love, and … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #19: Digging Deeper – Engaging Our Fear

                      (or  What I Learned from Fear by Trying to Write about It)   Copyright, Toby Landesman, 2013 In this edition of “Tools of Transformation” I will attempt to address our experience of the “master emotion” fear, which is arguably the most powerful of our emotional experiences. Like shame and anxiety, fear sounds an … Continue reading