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Tools of Transformation #18: The Master Emotions: Shame, Guilt and Fear

(Copyright Toby Landesman 2013) In the next installments of “Tools of Transformation” I will explore what I believe to be the emotional roots of Anxiety and Depression: Shame, Guilt, and Fear. These three powerful energetic and emotional experiences have been identified by some of our leading psychological researchers, as central to the development of our … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #17: Digging Deeper: Anxiety, Depression and the Master Emotions

In the next few installments of “Tools” I will take up two of the most challenging human experiences, Anxiety and Depression, and the emotions that so often are at the root of these twin challenges to our happiness, Fear, Shame, Guilt, and Grief.  In this first chapter, I will take up the challenges posed by … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #15: Embracing Spirit

In this edition of “Tools” I intend to review the elements and aspects of shamanic healing that I have been exploring in the last two issues. In doing so, I hope to clarify and illuminate the wonders of this blueprint of healing in collaboration with what the Shamans refer to simply as “Spirit”. Toby Landesman, … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation #14: Longing for the Healing Values of the Tribe

In this edition of “Tools,” I intend to continue to explore the practices of Shamanic Healing. In doing so I will introduce Carol Lee Flinders’ notion of the Values of Belonging, which provides a contextual understanding for those shamanic healing practices, and paints a clear picture of the tribal landscape in which the Shamans did … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation: Journeying on the Shaman’s Path

Copyright 2009 Toby Landesman My Introduction to the Shamanic Journey In the mid-1980s, on every other Tuesday afternoon, I would make the ninety-mile drive to Milwaukee to work with my therapist, Dick Olney. I loved those sessions. No two were alike, though the structure of them was similar. I would talk for several minutes about … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation: What the Shadow and the Shamans Know

Part 1: Chasing the Shadow When my sister and I were quite small, my Mother taught us an unusual game. On occasional summer afternoons, when the shadows were long, she would encourage us to see if we could  run fast enough to catch up to our shadows and capture them. Since we didn’t know that … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation Volume 2: #1 Notes on the Evolution of Psychotherapy

Toby Landesman Copyright 2012 As I prepared to write this article, I began thinking back on my experience writing the “Tools of Transformation section” for Newtopia Magazine over the last year. Something vaguely troubling began to emerge in my reflections. I sensed there was an underlying question starting to emerge in my writing, but I … Continue reading

Tools for Healthy, Loving Relationships #5: Complexity and Practicality on the Path to Intimacy

“Understanding human relationships requires that we embrace complexity.”  Anonymous  “Love me tender, love me true, all my dreams fulfill. Oh my darling I love you, and I always will.”    Elvis Presley (Toby Landesman Copyright 2012) I was in the middle of a conversation with a close friend of mine about the last two blogs … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation: Tools for Healthy, Loving Relationships Chapter 3

Overcoming the Blocks to Good Communication “Kindred Spirits” Copyright 1996 Toby Landesman Encountering someone with whom we can easily communicate is a source of joy for many of us. The serendipitous spark that suddenly ignites between us when we believe that we have found a kindred spirit is both magical and inspiring. How is it … Continue reading

Tools of Transformation: Tools for Healthy, Loving Relationships

Chapter II: Communication In this installment of “Tools for Healthy, Loving Relationships” I will break down  communication into its component parts, with an eye to making this complex subject more understandable for those of us who are interested in improving the quality of our intimate relationships. I hope to show how we can learn to … Continue reading