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Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 3: The Far East and Unanswered Questions

Communication with the dead is known in every culture throughout history. But in America in the spring of 1848 in the cabin of the Fox Sisters something happened that captured the imaginations of human beings all over the world, unleashing a wave of experimentation, and fraud. So much fraud that we can’t help but wonder … Continue reading

Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 2: More Occult Wonders; The Great Earthquake

    Part travel log, part guide to colonial spiritualists, part almanac and eye witness account of history, readers in 1908 must have found shockingly exotic Willy Reichel’s book An Occultist’s Travels, with its combination of beautiful scenery, gold mines, the ruins of San Francisco, and dead friends materializing and speaking obscure dialects. Willy seemed … Continue reading

Willy Reichel’s Magical Mystery Tour Part 1: The Miracles of Mr. Miller

Willy’s world travels weren’t really about exploring the beauties of nature, unless you include among those beauties, the certainty of life after death. Imagine how pristine the sky, the beach and the ocean must have been that summer in the town of Hamilton, in the Bermuda Islands in 1908 when Willy Reichel signed the preface … Continue reading