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Navigating the Grand Cardinal Cross: Daily Astrological Observations April 15 – May 1


IMG_1010Blood moons on Jewish holidays are inspiring apocalyptic paranoia, an atmosphere of widespread uneasiness, outbreaks of violence between people and nations, disturbing events are the status quo as humanity navigates a challenging moment in our evolution. The second half of April may include dramatic crisis, or it may simply represent a landmark in retrospect, as we live through a rare Grand Cardinal Cross.

Are we paying attention to the right areas of our lives? Or are we in denial? Do we know what our weaknesses are, what have we done to make them our strengths? Can we let go of all the expectations of yesterday and really face today with what in Zen they call “original mind,” a renewed innocence of consciousness that invites enlightenment, and serendipity.

Think of the second half of April as stepping through a portal from the 20th century into the 21st. We’re fourteen years into the new millennium but 20th century ways of doing things still threaten us all. Of course, the 1900s were more like the 1880s than the 1920s. Here we are now only six years from the 2020s. The technology evolving around us guarantees a similar cultural quantum leap gathering momentum. Will the new world be better or worse than the old? Both, would be the safe guess.

For the rest of April, Uranus square Pluto is exact again. Uranus at 13 Aries is busy birthing the new world of technology and communities. Pluto in Capricorn is slowly but inevitably dismantling what doesn’t work anymore. For each of us personally, but also for all of us as members of society, and humanity, this dynamic becomes especially obvious now. Expect the trend of disturbing news to continue. For many this will be a time of intense stress. To avoid that fate practice tranquility, know when to say no, treasure patience. Where do you see the future beckoning in your life? Can you see where spring has come? Or will the ruin of the old way of doing things claim you? Yes, these are scary times, but they are also thrilling, because the stakes are so high, so are the opportunities. Peacefulness might seem impossible, but peace is what we all need most right now.


The second half of April begins with Pluto stationary retrograde on April 14 squaring Mercury still very much in force. The full moon in Libra emphasizes balance, as does Mars in Libra now nearing its place in the exact Grand Cardinal Cross. But Pluto stuck at 13 degrees Capricorn from Feb 26 to June 4 demands that we give attention to the crucial areas in our life where death/rebirth dynamics are happening. By now we should be well aware of the issues, some of us will have already taken action. They are more likely to enjoy the positive aspects of Grand Cross, recognition and reward for work well done, the assumption of a place in a community that is recognizably 21st century. For those who have resisted with all their might the changes demanded by Pluto in Capricorn this Grand Cross can be a time of great stress, destruction, the failure of what was once thought certain.

What not to do? Don’t become doggedly determined and serious, demanding that everyone deal with reality as you define it. Don’t channel creative or career frustration into unnecessary arguments. Don’t spend lavishly on your home to reassure yourself when what you really need is to nurture and be nurtured. Don’t try to control people by caring for them. Don’t bust out and abandon everything and everyone you’ve ever known in the name of a completely fresh start. Don’t abandon all hope. Don’t give in to giddy false optimism. Slow down. Cultivate peace and relaxed appreciation. Calm awareness can keep you out of trouble as others act out their anger around you.

IMG_1018 We’ve all got a lot of hard work in front of us if we’re to preserve what we can for future generations. This Cardinal Grand Cross, and the five-year Uranus Pluto square we’re a little more than half way through, are rungs on the ladder of rapid evolution that will decide what kind of world our descendents must live in. Does this grand crisis of end of the petroleum age impact you in some very personal way? Would awareness of it change an important decision you have to make?

The second half of April begins with a lunar eclipse at 25 Libra and ends with a solar eclipse at 8 Taurus. Eclipses bring more emphasis to the death/rebirth theme. In what area of your life have your emotions been suppressed or ignored, not just your emotions, but your physical needs? Adjustments in relationships can help you get the best results. Do better work and make better art by welcoming partnerships.

The solar eclipse asks us to redefine how we find security. What supported us in the 20th century fades. What will support us now? Those who have avoided this realization may experience losses at this time. If you’ve been patiently building your new mission based on here and now this can be a thrilling time of achievement when you can dive into complete immersion into your new world. But keep in mind that the challenges ahead will be even more demanding. So avoid Herculean efforts, if you can, by doing a little work all the time, learn how to pace yourself. Consequences of reckless actions will become obvious quickly during the Grand Cardinal Cross. Avoid that by practicing moderation. Though you may feel you do not have time for moderation, in the long run it will make you more effective.



Many astrologers are predicting another financial crisis now, especially for America, but with Jupiter exalted in Cancer conjunct the US sun for the time being at least such a crisis seems unlikely. Of course, Jupiter’s conjunction to the US sun will move on before Pluto’s opposition does, so observe carefully what happens in late April for signs of first cracks that might become more serious problems later this year.

With Uranus squaring the US Sun until 2016 and Pluto opposing it until January 2018, major challenges are ahead, culminating in the US Pluto return as the 2020s begin. What it means to be American, and what America means to the world, the intent of the founding fathers as liberators vs. the corporate security state will continue to be a dominant theme.

Neptune provides the only good news, giving what could be described as spiritual support, or an unconscious sentiment that helps to counter some of the challenges the other planets indicate. From now until Feb 2015, and from Sept 2015 to Jan 2016 Neptune supports the US Venus. We will likely see a rebirth of feminism as women and their supporters mobilize to protect their rights. The dollar continues to have a sentimental safe haven status despite the disruptions and volatility indicated by the other planets. In the arts spiritual content and selfless free distribution are favored and rewarded, while obvious self-interest invokes skepticism.

Neptune trines the US Jupiter from Dec 2012 to April 2016. This further supports the emotional safe haven status of the dollar and US market despite the dangerous volatility that will be caused by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The American myth continues to work against the destruction, hostility and depression indicated by the other transits. An interest in the psychic and spiritual greatly expands as a way to deal with the continuing stress. American Metaphysical Religion enjoys another revival.

Neptune trines the US sun from Mar 2015-Sept 2015, then again from Jan 2016-Mar 2020. Faith in the myth of America will help to counteract some of the hostility directed at US leadership, and helps to buoy the depressed emotions of the American ego. These planetary transits taken together suggest that the hardships over the next decade are intended to drive Americans towards a more spiritual way of life, a deeper connection to the psychic, mystical, and religious.



Yesterday’s Pluto stationary retrograde is still very much in effect, as is Mercury’s square to Pluto and conjunction to Uranus. Tomorrow Mercury will square Mars so try to avoid situations that could lead to arguments. Today add a Lunar eclipse at 25 Libra to the festivities. Pluto emphasizes the slow intense grind of events unfolding through time; time can seem to stand still, especially after Saturn’s recent stationary retrograde. The Mercury aspects can be very useful for research, analysis, and for liberating thoughts, but they also add sharpness to communication. Be careful that you don’t seem more critical or ominous than you intend. This week and next exhaustion and paranoia can feed each other if you push too hard. Pay attention to the messages the universe is telling you. Take time to listen to inner wisdom. Find insight by inviting it. Moon trine Neptune in the evening can provide a pleasant diversion; find a way to enjoy a few moments of conscious dreaminess.


Mercury opposing Mars exact in the morning can make for a stormy night, but enlightening conversations, meditations, and writing are possible if you can avoid irritation. The moon trines Venus in the morning, then Jupiter in the evening giving a subtle foreshadowing of the upcoming Venus trine Jupiter, one of the most delightful of all aspects. Despite the aggressive squares and disturbing eclipses if you’re sensitive to the subtle currents of an ordinary day you might find pleasant experiences. Moon sextile Pluto in the later evening can help you emotionally ground your mental realizations. Moon conjunct Saturn in the later night suggests taking a break to get some rest.

IMG_1023APRIL 17

Venus trine Jupiter in the evening is a joyous aspect of romance, opportunity, art and beauty, even a time for epiphanies, but it can be easily lost if you’re stuck in the tensions of the Grand Cardinal Cross. Make sure to do something fun today. If you’re an artist, really go for it, you might experience another turn up the spiral of your creative evoluton. Tomorrow’s Venus sextile Pluto can take lovers, and artists, places they haven’t been before. A very good time to make any necessary adjustments in relationships. But be careful, with Jupiter opposition Pluto and square Uranus just around the corner consequences can be surprisingly drastic.


In the wee hours don’t be afraid to find out something about yourself by trying something you wouldn’t normally do, but do so gently. You may win surprising insights and other rewards from such adventures but with Uranus square Pluto exact consequences can be sudden and sharp. Can you surrender to abandon cautiously? Artists, filmmakers and musicians can significantly evolve their work now by staying focused. Moon square Neptune in the hours before dawn warns against over doing intoxication or exhaustion. In the afternoon, moon trine Uranus, square Venus, and sextile Mars can be bring pleasant surprises for those willing to work for them in the name of love, beauty and harmony.


Moon trine Mercury in the morning can leave you with insights from dreams, or that you simply wake up with. Venus trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto are still in effect so try to make this a weekend of transformative fun, however you define it. Take a conscious vacation from the ongoing stresses of the Grand Cardinal Cross. Good day for a party but don’t overdo, as tomorrow’s Jupiter square Uranus and opposition Pluto will be exact. You may feel an overwhelming desire to break free, irrational exuberance is possible, but don’t be too hasty. Sun enters Taurus in the evening bringing an earthy sensuality as spring settles in.



Easter Sunday begins with Jupiter squaring Uranus followed by its opposition to Pluto in the afternoon. Moon conjunct Pluto and opposition Jupiter gives extra emphasis to the theme of discovering where you belong in the new world while letting go of what you loved, and hated, in the old. The aspects guarantee another surprising message from the surprising new Pope. Look for the opportunities for freedom and success in your life, but realize that finding these opportunities might involve redefining what you think freedom and success really mean.


Here at the eye of the storm with Uranus exactly squaring Pluto and Mars and Jupiter joining them at thirteen degrees of their respective cardinal signs significant events are likely. Can you clearly see what needs to be let go of? Are you ready to repair what should be? How are you finding new ways of doing things for yourself and others? Moon square Mercury in the afternoon makes communication a little more difficult, try to be a little kinder than usual, and be clear and concise in communications. Take time to ponder the deepest feelings and meanings of your life.


Today’s Mars square Jupiter and tomorrow’s Mars opposition Uranus and square Pluto demand caution. Cultivate serenity. Tempers are bound to flare. Accidents are violence are more likely than usual. Use diplomacy, not force. Don’t cocoon, or aggressively defend your own, instead nurture yourself and others. Stay clear of belligerence by practicing peaceful awareness. This is a time when hard work can achieve real breakthroughs, but you must step up to the challenges to make something good happen.


Mercury enters Taurus in the wee hours, turning our thoughts to more domestic pleasures and the need for basics like food and security. Just after midnight Mars opposes Uranus. Insomnia could be an issue for some in the weeks before and after this aspect, especially with Mars squaring Pluto about an hour after dawn. You might be irritable for no apparent reason, but find the reason and pay attention to it. Don’t force your will on others, and sidestep anyone who tries to force their will on you. Tempers will be touchy so avoid argument by steady practice of whatever makes you feel calm. All this energy can be applied to hard work, and fun, but do so cautiously, the aspects are too challenging to permit reckless abandon. Think of it as surfing dangerous waves.


While the explosive Mars aspects and powerful Grand Cardinal Cross continue in full effect this evening’s Venus sextile Saturn can provide a welcome rest by way of romance, music or art. Do try to find a way to learn something from and about beauty, harmony, and love. But sextiles can be subtle, so be sure to take time to enjoy this aspect, instead of being lost in the argumentative tensions of the Grand Cardinal Cross.



Moon sextile Saturn in the late morning will be especially helpful if you took time to learn something about Venus last night, while the moon conjunct Venus in the afternoon can make life very pleasant, but so subtle are these aspects, especially during such a stressful aspect like the Grand Cardinal Cross, that most will miss them. Find a way to respect Aphrodite today. The evening Sun conjunct Mercury is ideal for writers and other communicators, and makes conversations more detailed. Avoid TMI, especially of the personal sort; try to share useful information, and listen in the presence of wisdom as tomorrow’s Mercury sextile Neptune offers inspiration, imagination and fantasy that can provide useful insights. But moon in Pisces, during the dead of the moon, might leave you feeling exhausted. Get extra rest.


Moon entering Aries feels almost like a New Moon but we’re still in the fourth quarter so don’t charge ahead. The stressful Grand Cardinal Cross and explosive Mars aspects are still with us but with yesterday’s Sun conjunct Mercury still applying, and this morning’s Mercury sextile Neptune, the opportunities for learning, for enlightening conversation, and for inspiration, can provide key insights. Spiritual sure footedness is something we all need these days. Meditation and reading can help you get closer to that goal today. Consider a short but refreshing detour involving words. Ask for inspiration from the inner world and the outer. Enjoy moderate intoxication by having a great conversation but watch out after midnight when stressful aspects from the moon to Mars and Plluto can lead to arguments, even violence.


Moon opposing Mars, then squaring Pluto, then conjunct Uranus, then square Jupiter can make for a restless night, or not getting to bed at all. Hopefully the reason isn’t argument. The Grand Cardinal Cross is still in full effect and Pluto stationary retrograde has barely budged so some may be suffering an excruciating sense of being stuck in the gears of a slowly moving inevitability. But Sun sextile Neptune tonight with Mercury trine Pluto and Mercury trine Jupiter just around the corner can bring enlightening dreams if you do get some sleep. Look for inspiration. Practice tranquility. Enjoy the subtle moments of silence. There you’ll find the spiritual sure footedness that is your birthright.



The New Moon in Taurus arrives with a solar eclipse at 8 degrees. Eclipses in personal charts point to giving up or being forced to give up something but only to clear the way for a more appropriate new approach. In national affairs they can signal important events, good or bad. For example, when so-called blood moons, or red moons have occurred in this configuration in the past they have often coincided with important events in Jewish history. But once the event was the catastrophic expulsion of Jews from Spain, and at another time it was the establishment of Israel as a sovereign nation. In both cases an old way of life closed and a new one began, the old struggle was replaced by new challenges. Where can you see this kind of transformation happening in your own life? Tomorrow’s Mercury sextile Pluto and Mercury trine Jupiter just around the corner provide opportunities for enlightening reading and conversations. A great time for writers and other communications experts to practice their skills. But take time to reflect on what you are learning during the continuing Grand Cardinal Cross. What opportunities have you overlooked? Whom should you reach out to?


Mercury sextile Pluto is an excellent time for research, communication, writing, conversation, editing, programming. You can find transformative information on a blog or in a chat. Take time to consider what you’ve learned over the past several weeks. Take a moment to ponder what you could have done better, and to appreciate what you’ve done well. Tomorrow’s Mercury sextile Jupiter offers opportunities for good times and for new contacts and ideas that can help you succeed. The day begins with moon trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter bringing optimism to the process of transformation but in the evening moon opposition Saturn can cause exhaustion or depression, the better option is rest in the early evening. Then you can stay up late to enjoy the good times as Mercury sextiles Jupiter after midnight.



In the wee hours Mercury sextile Jupiter followed by Moon sextile Venus in the morning can make for a very enjoyable day, but sextiles are subtle and this one can be easily lost in the prevailing tension of the Grand Cardinal Cross. So try to make time to read something inspiring, or to write, or to surf in search of unexpected opportunities. People feel chattier than usual during this aspect but use your chatting time wisely. Avoid TMI, or beating around the bush, try to exchange helpful information, if you want opportunities see if you can give an opportunity to someone else while you’re at. Broaden your vision with the right conversation, or by asking the right question at the right time and place. Enjoy some comedy. Be sure to have some fun today. But Mercury opposition Saturn is just around the corner so beware of overdoing it or you may be left to regretfully ponder consequences.


May Day brings moon trine Mars in the morning and moon sextile Uranus in the afternoon. Yesterday’s Mercury sextile Jupiter is still almost exact so let the good times roll. Continue to share and seek enlightening information, look for and give others opportunities, and find a way to have some fun. You can miss these good experiences if you stay stuck in the stress of the continuing Grand Cardinal Cross. Especially since tomorrow’s Mercury opposition Saturn insists on hard facts and emphasizes pessimism, depression, and a sense of futility. Instead get organized, work hard, make Saturn your friend by applying discipline, and knowing your limits. You might not be the best teacher right now, or your teacher might be too heavy handed yet valuable information can be exchanged. Choose silence over unnecessary criticism of others. Good day for writers and other communicators to do heavy editing. Meditation can bring a powerful sense of serenity now.


Mercury opposes Saturn in the afternoon. Some will be fighting feelings of depression and futility. Some will be overcritical, and others will feel burdened by the weight of authority. Yet this is a good time for hard mental work. Writers can tackle major edits. Disciplined reorganization can have important results. Rewards for hard work can appear unexpectedly if you’re truly in sync with your mission. The atmosphere will change in the evening when Venus enters Aries beginning a new cycle around the zodiac. A sense of gorgeous spring grows now as summer approaches. Take some time to enjoy nature.



Sun trine Pluto today can help you make needed reforms. Let go of what doesn’t work anymore. Invite transformation by daring to go a little deeper. But moon opposing Mars then Pluto in the evening warns against being too forceful. The stress of the continuing Grand Cardinal Cross, as well as the frustrating Pluto station still in effect, can easily spill over into argument, and even violence. Watch out for misunderstandings. Kindness can save your evening.


Moon conjunct Jupiter in the early morning and Sun sextile Jupiter just around the corner may reward early risers with a sense of joy and opportunity that may linger in the dreams of late sleepers. Moon trine Saturn in the afternoon can help you assimilate the realizations you’ve been having during the Grand Cardinal Cross. A good afternoon for pondering while gardening, or taking a walk and reflecting on recent events and what they portend.


Moon in Leo trine Venus in the afternoon and tomorrow’s potentially joyous Sun sextile Jupiter can make for a pleasant time but you may miss the opportunity if you can’t take time off from the areas in your life where the Grand Cardinal Cross is causing unavoidable transformation and stress. Be sure to look around for opportunities you may be missing. Are you looking in the wrong places for the success you think you need?


Sun sextile Jupiter today with moon sextile Mars in the morning and moon trine Uranus in the afternoon provides energy and opportunity if you know where to look for them. Unfortunately sextiles can be so subtle under the pressure of more powerful aspects like the Grand Cardinal Cross we can easily miss them. Don’t ignore reasons for optimism, engage them.



Mercury enters Gemini emphasizing information gathering and sharing, writers may find their work a little easier, conversations can flow more easily, and people are a shade less stubborn now that Mercury has left Taurus. But Sun opposition Saturn just around the corner requires caution, rest, and serenity otherwise depression and exhaustion are likely.


Moon opposition Neptune in the afternoon can cause confusion. We’re more sensitive than usual, especially to opposition. Instead be open to inspiration. Meditate by the sea, literally or metaphorically.


Moon sextile Saturn helps set the serious tone for tomorrow’s Sun opposition Saturn. Saturn can give you important insights into the facts you need to know most. Seek mentorship. Be eager to learn. Desire experience. That way you avoid feelings of frustration, repression and futility. Find Zen in the ordinary. Cultivate serenity to get the best out of this aspect.

MAY 10

Sun opposition Saturn in the morning can mark a low point for those who have been struggling against the tide of the Grand Cardinal Cross. But for those who have learned their lessons well this can be a time when new respect and responsibilities arrive. Work hard but pace yourself. Get a little extra rest. If you’re depressed, meditate on the timeline of your life and get some practical ideas about how to improve the next section. Don’t avoid hard facts, welcome them. Learn, and teach where possible. Don’t be humiliated by your own ignorance, welcome the opportunity to find out what you need to know. Respect your own limits and the boundaries of others.

MAY 11

Yesterday’s Sun opposition Saturn could make mother’s day a little chillier this year. Mom may simply be more tired than usual. Venus opposition Mars in the wee hours can cause sensual friction but also arguments between the genders so dad had best step softly this year. Mercury square Neptune in the morning, followed by moon square Pluto and then moon opposing Uranus suggests that Mom deserves not just a special Mother’s Day gift today but also plenty of patience. Mercury square Neptune confuses communications making misunderstandings all too easy. But the same aspect can spark the creative imaginations of writers, editors, programmers, musicians.

IMG_0894 MAY 12

Mercury trine Mars energizes communications. A good time to do work that requires interaction with others as yesterday’s Sun opposition Saturn sticks to the facts and today’s Mercury trine Mars makes it a little easier to get things done by talking to the right people. But Venus square Pluto around the corner, along with the fading Grand Cardinal Cross keep the stress going. While Mars is moving out of orb, the five year series of seven Uranus square Pluto aspects we’re now more than half way through is exact again for this the fifth time. Look back to 2011 to see the trends that have developed since then in your life. Are you happy with your results so far? If not, this is a good time to adjust accordingly.

MAY 13

Moon sextile Pluto in the evening may provide a subtle hint about the process of death/rebirth in your life. Mercury, Venus and Uranus will soon be in happy aspect so seek insight through writing, art, conversation, new technology, an updated more liberated vision of your future. Ask the right questions to get yourself back on track. Writers and communicators this is a great time for your work. Romance, music and art can flourish through communication. But Venus square Pluto can cause criticism to cut too deep. What is your intention? To dominate or liberate?

MAY 14

Moon conjunct Saturn in the early morning may put an exhausted or depressed funk on the day with Venus square Pluto in the late morning. People can be edgy. Relationships can fall into power struggles. Artists can feel discouraged. Tomrrow’s series of extraordinary aspects are almost exact, offering a way out. Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury sextile Uranus, and Venus sextile Uranus allow for real breakthroughs in communication but only if the effort is made. Look for the information you need. Talk to the right people. Communicate something interesting and useful.

Photographs by Tamra Spivey

 Article Written by Ronnie Pontiac

Newtopia staff writer RONNIE PONTIAC is a founding member and primary guitarist of Lucid Nation, executive producer of the documentaries Rap is War, Exile Nation, and the award winning animated short Cohen on the Bridge.  He associate produced The Gits documentary, and was art editor, then poet in residence for Newtopia Magazine in its former incarnation . He’s a published author of works on obscure topics such as ancient Greek religion and the history of alchemy. Follow him on Twitter @AmerMysteries.



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